SEQUANTA simplifies access to decisive data, in complex situations, to enable its customers to optimize the management of their mobile assets and equipment.

With numerous successes in IoT markets, condition monitoring, embedded monitoring and multidimensional live tracking of events, SEQUANTA has created a unique offering of autonomous smart data solutions for abnormalities detection and monitoring of operating conditions.


2011: Founded under the name HIKOB, the company designs wireless, stand-alone and multi-point acquisition systems

2012: First fundraising of 300,000 euros

2013: First international deployments

2014: Structuring of the activity in 2 segments, roadside instrumentation and IIoT solutions

2015: A growth of 23%

2016: A new fundraising amounting to € 1.4 million

2017: SEQUANTA becomes a shareholder of Transpolis

2018: Sale-off of the HIKOB roadside instrumentation activity and development of the solutions business under the name SEQUANTA

Skills & expertise

  • Skills and technical expertise covering the entire chain: electronic design, embedded software, signal processing, radio communications, architectures and cloud services, web HMI, certification process.
  • A structured supply chain to deliver within tight deadlines: supply of strategic components, material design, production, assembly, delivery logistics.


  • + 120 customers served since the creation.
  • +10000 equipment deployed in the field all over the world in France, Europe, Canada, Korea and Taiwan.
  • + 1 terra bits of data processed by SEQUANTA systems and solutions.

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