Building a world in which every mobile asset is operated at its full potential

In a world where activities and the pace of trade are accelerating, the need to ensure continuity of service generally leads to over-investment and redundancy of equipment. On the contrary, SEQUANTA believes that it is possible to better operate what already exists and that it is the way of the future.


SEQUANTA’s mission is to support its customers in their operational and financial challenges by offering solutions for collecting, processing, and formatting data to analyze the usage and optimize the management of their mobile assets. SEQUANTA is committed to simplifying access to decisive data in complex situations.



Excellence in hardware and software solutions offered to customers, know-how and knowledge implemented in the field.


The technical and technological expertise of SEQUANTA’s employees, completed and founded on a genuine vision of customer relations, based on daily accessibility and sincere interest in customers technical issues and markets. SEQUANTA provides its customers a partnership approach based on listening, advice and support.


The involvement of SEQUANTA employees sharing the same passion for the job and the same enthusiasm for the project, driving the entire team. The pleasure of working together, the confidence in the success of the company, the daring and creativity in the solutions provided, the open-mindedness and the natural empathy are all ways of being, which nourish the know-how and bring a tangible extra soul to the business.


Ambition to become the reference for vertical information solutions for mobile asset operating systems. By providing the most innovative solutions and the most advanced skills in its field, SEQUANTA creates a real pride of belonging and collaboration between its employees, its customers and its partners, in order to face complex and ambitious challenges.

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