Our investors


KREAXI is an independent French investment management firm specialized in seed and venture capital. KREAXI was born in 2016 from the merger of Rhône-Alpes Création and Banexi Ventures Partners, two staple firms in the French venture capital landscape since 1983.


IT-Translation is an investor and co-founder of digital technology start-ups spun off from both public and private research. What makes our business model so unique? We seed start-ups from ideas: we jointly set up the business and provide – at a very early stage – an investment of up to 300,000 euros through the IT-Translation fund.


Since 25 years, Expansinvest is a financial partner of choice for private companies in their development project. Expansinvest is offering financial solutions to support the development of the business. Expansinvest’s mission is to create a real proximity partnership with entrepreneurs in SMB.


Subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole bank, Crédit Agricole Création has an objective to invest in high potential companies newly founded or with less than 5 years of existence.

Crédit Agricole is offering private equity financial solutions for private companies and SMB.

Since 2012, with 7 other partners, INSAVALOR is shareholder and co-founder of the Pertinence Invest investment found? This found has an objective to support start-ups at the very early stage.

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