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Smart monitoring of the rolling stock – infrastructure interface
Engineer, Pantograph & Capture studies, SNCF Rolling stock division

The pantograph is on the roof in a sensitive electrical environment and monitoring must be done while the train is running. Far from any access to power and accessible only during the maintenance phases of the train, …

…in addition to being non-intrusive, the measurement and Edge computing solution must be autonomous in energy. They are many challenges!

SEQUANTA has been able to offer us the solution that fits all our requirements, overcoming one by one all the barriers to the implementation of a pantograph monitoring system to both build a new knowledge of the operating conditions and gain in responsiveness through real-time detection and location of extraordinary events.

Maintaining fleets of military vehicles in operational condition
Operations Engineering Engineer – HUMS & SIL Specialist

We were looking for a HUMS solution at the crossroads of microelectronics, measurement and data processing and embedded systems to …

…collect the data needed to better characterize the running conditions of vehicles in operation. Here, the challenge is to achieve a standalone, non-intrusive smart solution, able to measure and continuously process the targeted parameters over the entire operating life, to finally, only back up the relevant information. SEQUANTA has been able to offer us an optimal sized Appliance capable of measuring and processing the parameters that allow us to power our solution of operational conditions maintenance.

Solutions for predictive maintenance of rotating machines
Bertrand WASCAT
Product manager ONEPROD

We design and provide monitoring tools for rotating machines. We know which data has to be collected and how to use it.


But we had to lean on an experienced partner in the field of wireless data acquisition systems. SEQUANTA provided us with a reliable and robust wireless stack and we can count on SEQUANTA to support us towards ISA100 compatibility. Together we developed in a record time a very efficient system for which the sensor and the wireless repeater are ATEX Zone 0 certified. We will continue to improve the solution to stay at the top performance in the market regarding technical features and cost effectiveness.

FIT IoT-Lab – Research Platform for the Internet of Things
Research Engineer, INRIA

We selected SEQUANTA because of the agility of its team, its skills in the IoT and wireless sensor networks domains and its expertise on such large-scale platforms.

The systems provided by SEQUANTA gave us the ability to build a larger and more efficient platform. We managed to achieve a larger scale installation with more than 1700 nodes. We have been able to carry out experiments in the field of the Internet of Things that we just could not do before.

INRIA – Smart floor for home maintenance
Director of Research, INRIA

Falls can have catastrophic consequences for people in fragile and close relative. The challenge was to achieve a smart floor, able to immediately identify any fall to trigger a warning signal.

The ability to interact with local devices also makes it possible to think of help solutions such as triggering LED lighting to draw light paths at night or trigger help actions using assistive robots.

We selected SEQUANTA because our requirements were to rely on a turnkey and reliable system operational 24/7. SEQUANTA has been able to exceed our expectations with a very innovative solution by succeeding to implement a network of 500 sensors embedded in the slabs.

This is a unique concept at this stage. Since this implementation is a success, we are currently thinking about a new generation of smart slabs which could be commercialized on a larger scale.

University Hospital Center of Nantes, France – ARIBO project
CEC Engineer – ARIBO Project Manager

We needed to rely on an experienced and expert partner who could provide us with the capability to continuously collect and….

…process the targeted data needed to build accurate and reliable knowledge.With the SaaS software platform made available by SEQUANTA, we can easily retrieve, in real time, from anywhere, the data of each block and of all the blocks. This is the basis for our analysis of the relationship between team dynamics and increased risk of post-operative complications.

Grenoble Alpes University
Aurélie NARDY
Associate Professor & Researcher

The DyLNet project is largely based on the technological challenge of being able to understand the social interactions and verbal exchanges of children and…

…adults in the simplest, least intrusive and most reliable way possible. Another challenge is to be able to process these data in the most reliable and efficient way possible. We can rely on the solution developed by SEQUANTA, combining wireless technology, sensor networks and the power of complex data processing and analysis in the field, to link social interactions with linguistic performance, and childish sociolinguistic uses.

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