Gathering attitude and guidance information

In aeronautics, mobile industrial equipment, rolling stock or defense domains or even in the field of sports, attitude and guidance information is key success factor for operational effectiveness and knowledge.

There is no doubt that the understanding of movement and the progression on the field brings a lot to optimize operations, improve performance, increase savings and make assets last.


To meet these very high level requirements, SEQUANTA provides wireless data acquisition systems for AHRS applications (Attitude and Heading Reference Systems). They include inertial MEMS sensors and latest generation GPS positioning technologies to capture attitude and guidance information in harsh contexts:

  • accuracy reaching the degree of precision,
  • minimum calibration of sensors,
  • embedded acquisition on moving objects,
  • disturbed magnetic environment,
  • no option to use wires or cables to collect and handle data.

Miniaturized, robust and reliable SEQUANTA systems deliver a very high level of performance to collect real time attitude and guidance information integrating a multi-sensors data fusion logic: inertial measurement unit with 9 degrees of freedom (3D accelerometer, 3D magnetometer, 3D gyroscope), pressure and temperature, GPS.