To analyse motion data of living being

Biomechanical studies are a great source of knowledge and understanding, to create and innovate, whatever the application domain: sports, patient recovery or ethology.

To collect motion data in real conditions on the field, biomechanical engineers and experts need mobile, easy to use, wireless and miniaturized systems.


SEQUANTA provides embedded and wireless data acquisition systems integrating inertial measurement and GPS localization components that fit perfectly with biomechanical studies constraints and environment:

  • when the R&D involves a validation phase on field, at the heart of product design process,
  • when it is hard to quantify impressions and to avoid the cost of an untaken measure,
  • when mechanical strenghts, usage and physical characteristics are standardized and need to be checked on the field.

SEQUANTA systems provide a powerful infrastructure for in situ motion and movement data logging..They include inertial measurement units with 9 degrees of freedom (3D accelerometer, 3D magnetometer, 3D gyroscope) and GPS positioning modules.

Wireless, miniaturized and energy self-sufficient, SEQUANTA wireless data acquisition systems are mobile and re-usable for multiple acquisition campaigns. They enable data collection in real conditions by providing accurate and reliable information that are impossible to gather in a simulated environment or in laboratory.