Capturing on the field of action, in real time multidimensional data to enrich the user experience

The principle of organizing a public or private event is for the organizer to design a system that will ensure its monitoring and enhance its value. Capturing to broadcast live routes, trajectories and performances reinforces the detailed follow-up of the event. The possibility of live broadcasting this information enriches the multimedia valuation of key moments and information.

Real-time location allows to automatically track the position of assets, mobile devices and subjects in motion as closer as possible and in real time. The tracking of the multidimensional behaviors of the mobile assets and / or individuals involved in an event in order to follow the itineraries, movements, displacements, trajectories, performances and / or their states requires to be able to precisely locate them and to collect various measures as close as possible to the targets and to merge the information in real time.


Specially dedicated to field data collection in mobility contexts or on moving assets or individuals, multidimensional tracking systems integrate the latest generation technologies: MEMS inertial sensors, radio location and A / GPS and / or D / GPS, long distance wireless connectivity, wireless local communications for near instantaneous data exchange and streaming.

Customized SEQUANTA system components:

Multi-measure acquisition nodes, miniatures, autonomous, ultra-light non-intrusive:

  • Temperature and pressure sensors,
  • MEMS inertial units (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope),
  • Positioning components based on GPS and / or radio.
  • Multi-sensors data fusion,
  • Advanced algorithms based on FFT analysis methodologies for embedded data processing,
  • Optimized power consumption to last on the event duration,
  • Mobile and wireless acquisition network,
  • Interconnection with long range telecommunication networks.

SEQUANTA systems are specially designed to collect unmatched, real-time multidimensional data directly in the field in mobility contexts, on objects or subjects in motion. Advanced embedded signal processing and ultra-low power radio communication protocols give reality to the live digital tracking of the remarkable characteristics of each event (sports, cultural, festive, commercial …). ·

  • Wireless real-time solutions,
  • Very simple and quick installation of the solution,
  • Unique, accurate, reliable,
  • Live provision of usable information.

Thanks to SEQUANTA multipoint wireless acquisition system, you can capture the essence of your event by obtaining and broadcasting unpublished information to boost the impact of your retransmissions.