Continually monitor the health structures life cycle to put implement an effective maintenance

During its operating cycle, weather cycles and changing environmental conditions, infrastructures, structures, industrial assets and equipment are subjected to mechanical, altering and degrading aggressions. To prevent aging risks and detect damage, structural or equipment integrity data must be monitored accurately and continuously.

As part of a controlled and effective maintenance policy, they are a key element in making informed decisions about interventions. Thorough knowledge of the evolution of the mechanical parameters over time and the uninterrupted supervision of physical data related to the structure are essential for:

  • Implement a predictive maintenance dynamic,
  • Manage the life cycle of the structure,
  • Ensure the structure safety and the viability of the service it performs.

With no wiring or preventive maintenance, the wireless data acquisition systems developed by SEQUANTA provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for asset managers, maintenance managers or engineers.

SEQUANTA offers multi-point acquisition systems, based on low-power wireless data acquisition nodes, to integrate synchronized measurements from accelerometers, temperature, pressure, vibration and other measures specific to your project.

The dedicated radio network, robust to interference, allows you to reliably, continuously and in real time measure precise and useful measurements to inform you in your decision-making process.

Thanks to its standardized and open interfaces (REST-XML programming interface, serial communication bus, dry contact outputs), SEQUANTA systems integrate very simply with your IT infrastructure and your information system.


Cost-effective, simple and fast to install, SEQUANTA systems adapt to your needs to inform your decision-making process by offering you the possibility to:

  • Track cracks,
  • Track 3D movements of structures,
  • Measure vibrations,
  • Measure material deformation and stresses,
  • Measure environmental parameters (temperature, pressure) inside and outside the materials.

You are informed in real time and continuously about the integrity of your buildings and infrastructure assets. Whatever the nature of your assets (transport infrastructure, industrial production, rolling stock, energy transport infrastructure, public facilities), the SEQUANTA system supports your decision-making process and your monitoring of structures.