Maintain optimum operating conditions and maximum energy efficiency

In the industrial field, keeping machines and production equipment in operational conditions is mission-critical for many industrial applications. In many cases stopping the production process will generates dramatic losses.

Rotating machines and vibrating machines are inherently subjected to regular mechanical stresses, vibrations and shocks that are breakdown factors when they exceed acceptable threshold. Shocks, vibrations, parameters of the environmental context (temperature, pressure …), as much the complex and strategic data that must be collected in real time, on a production tool often located in a constrained environment, in order to understand the origin of the shocks responsible for the damage and to identify when they are involved in the chain and / or in the production process.

These measurements continuously collected in real time at the heart of the production tool, provides a precise and continual knowledge of the machines state of health. This in-depth knowledge of the state of production equipment evolution allows ensures optimum operating conditions.

The operators can thus optimize their equipment consumption modes to meet real production needs and control the consumption of energy in a concern for energy-saving and respect for the environment. Maintenance managers make informed decisions and initiate maintenance only at the right time, controlling thus budgetary expenditures.


SEQUANTA develops wireless, autonomous and multipoint acquisition systems that revolutionize the business of conditional maintenance and control of industrial equipment or machines:

  • Ultra-compact and Wireless acquisition nodes,
  • Optimized management of embedded signal processing for an extended sensor life cycle,
  • Continuous acquisition and transmission of data,
  • Extremely robust wireless communications, no interferences with other wireless networks (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi …)
  • Independent wireless routers for extended radio network architecture deployment to cover important distances and large spaces
  • Standardized and open interfaces (REST-XML programming interface, serial communication bus, dry contact outputs)

SEQUANTA wireless data acquisition systems require no wiring and no preventive maintenance.

They integrate probes and sensors to perform the necessary measurements with difficult access especially in harsh environments: temperature, pressure, power, electrical energy consumption …

They facilitate the collection of the least accessible crucial vibratory data and forward it to the information and decision system.

The accuracy of these real-time data from the core of the production tool is a key success factor in the maintenance of industrial equipment and in the monitoring of the energy efficiency of installations.

  • Reliable, robust, cost-effective, easy to install,
  • Simple to integrate with existing IT infrastructure and information system,
  • Critical and accurate continuous data for relevant diagnostics,
  • Informed decisions for optimal operations conditions and maximum energy efficiency.