SEQUANTA Chronicles

May 22 – 23, 2013 – VENTURE4i – Grenoble, France

HIKOB has been selected with 34 other innovative technologies companies to showcase at the VENTURE4i forum organized by the city of Grenoble (France) on the 23rd of May.

For this 16th Edition, the prestigious selection committee, which represents nearly € 8 billion under management and made of investors from 11 countries, is chaired by Loic Lietar, ST New Ventures and is coordinated by Jean-Marc Soustre, Humaneye Invest. In total, 250 evaluations of pre-qualified companies were performed.

Loic Lietar declares: « VENTURE4i offers the opportunity for the key players of the start-up industry, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers, a world-class event that was missing in our alpine region. The diversity and the quality of the selected start-ups reflects the entrepreneurial leadership of the region in technology. The event will feature as well presentations from world leading companies on their partnering with SMEs for innovation strategies, showcasing of successful start-ups and a dedicated set of presentations for investors. This is a cornerstone for the worldwide ambition of the Alpine region. »

François Peyronnet, General Director at City of Grenoble declares:« VENTURE4i benefits from the unique experience developed since 16 years through the Forum4i and I am glad to see the interest shown by partnering regions in the Alps. It clearly demonstrates the leadership of Grenoble in technology and the strengths and know-how in the Alpine region in general. »

For more detailed information on the event: VENTURE4i and FORUM4i