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HIKOB launches a new turnkey service based on its data acquisition systems.

Lyon, October 18th, 2016 – On the occasion of IoT Planet tradeshow which will take place from October 25 until 27 in Grenoble, HIKOB unveils its new service offer, custom-made or in OEM* integration, based on its new platform of WOLF acquisition nodes, An innovative offer in the monitoring field thanks to IoT technologies, in particular for the infrastructures monitoring applications which face strong constraints of installation and cabling and significant power supply challenges.

This new offer revolutionizes the monitoring business by the use of the IoT: it allows us to realize missions which were previously not possible with classical monitoring systems. We are leveraging today on our field experiences to focus our development on two target markets: road & mobility monitoring / infrastructure’s monitoring “, says Guillaume Chelius, co-founder & CEO of HIKOB.

A unique service offering revolutionizing traditional monitoring

Based on the new WOLF hardware and software platform, on HIKOB technologies and expertise, this new offer allows to quickly deploy custom-made monitoring projects for integrity and condition monitoring of infrastructures, industrial assets as well as on equipment and heavy machinery (construction machinery, trains, vessel…):

  • For stationary systems, the objective is to provide end customers with powerful systems to collect strategic data for condition-based maintenance.
  • For embedded systems, HIKOB offer is easy to deploy on mobile assets (machinery or mobile equipment) to provide condition & health data required to maintain these assets in operational conditions.

With integrated batteries and solar panel, HIKOB autonomous and wireless acquisition nodes bring a strong added value to monitoring applications: easy and quick installation, real time data collection from the field for remote analytics. With this new offer, HIKOB is targeting the huge market of deployments in outdoor and harsh environment (urban areas, big civil infrastructures, industrial grounds…).

HIKOB delivers a tailored and personalized service to quickly launch and deploy any kind of monitoring projects, or to integrate within an OEM framework in a record time all or parts of the HIKOB hardware and software platform in a third party product or service.

The new WOLF hardware and software platform: three revolutionary wireless, smart and energy autonomous acquisition nodes

HIKOB WOLF acquisition nodes capture in real time the measures and transmit raw and processed data via HIKOB wireless acquisition network:

  • HIKOB WOLF-T is equipped with an interface to integrate a temperature probe external sensor RDT or thermocouple.
  • HIKOB WOLF-S is equipped with an interface to integrate a full bridge strain gauge input.
  • HIKOB WOLF-I is equipped with 3 inputs to integrate multiple external analogic sensors 0-10V/4-20mA: accelerometer, crackmeter, environmental sensors.

The new range of WOLF acquisition nodes brings numerous benefits:

  • A robust and two-ways wireless communication: no interference with other wireless networks (Bluetooth, WIFI),
  • An easier deployment of the radio network allowing to cover important distances and large spaces,
  • Reliable data: continuous data acquisition, more relevant data spectrum allowing advanced analytics (for instance vibratory analytics),
  • An extended life cycle of the sensor thanks to an optimized management of the resources for data processing.

” Thanks to these three new wireless acquisition nodes, we are able to provide a service which covers more than 90 % of the types of measures (accelerometer, pressure, temperature, strain gauges…). We bring a real added value to our customers by accompanying them on new projects, on their specific field of operations, what was not possible before with the traditional sensors existing on the market! “, explains Ludovic Broquereau, VP Marketing & Business Development of HIKOB.

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OEM : stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, the original manufacturer of a component for a product, which may be resold by another company.