SEQUANTA Chronicles

HIKOB on the podium of the European Railway Innovation Contest

As part of the actions carried out by the ERCI (European Railway Clusters Initiative), i-Trans organized the European railway Innovation Contest, in partnership with the CITC (Innovation Center for Contactless Technologies). The theme of the 2016 edition: “Digitalization of the railway system – How digital can meet the technological and economic challenges of the railway?“.

HIKOB has been chosen for its wireless innovative HIKOB STATIONARY data acquisition system. The company will be awarded on Tuesday, June 28th at 10:45 during a ceremony organized by Euratechnologies Lille (France) as part of the IOT week.

HIKOB stationary systems are designed to collect multi-points distributed measures continuously and on a long-term basis, and in a synchronized way, whatever the deploying field. Particularly adapted to constrained spaces, HIKOB STATIONARY system optimizes maintenance operations thanks to an accurate and continuous knowledge of the health status of rolling equipment or infrastructure.