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HIKOB provides wireless sensors for Structural Health Monitoring on the Parc des Princes stadium roof structure

Lyon, August 30th, 2016 – As part of a monitoring project of the Parc des Princes stadium roof structure, Advitam (Vinci Group subsidiary), specialized in monitoring and management of infrastructures, chooses HIKOB systems for Structural Health Monitoring of the stadium.

HIKOB wireless data acquisition system is used to capture and collect data on the infrastructure life cycle: the Parc des Princes roof structure is now a 100% connected and smart infrastructure.

The +30 HIKOB wireless acquisition nodes that have been installed are collecting data on:

  • Temperature inside the structure,
  • Evolution of cracks and the displacement of the concrete beams of the structure,
  • Acoustic monitoring,
  • Continuous and real-time information of the general roof health to trigger alerts or maintenance operations.

The Parc des Princes infrastructure complexity associated to harsh operating conditions (particularly in term of access given the security measures in place) required to find an innovative solution to ensure continuous monitoring. As no cable conduit was available, the solution was found through the implementation of wireless sensors. The instrumentation and the monitoring system of the Parc des Princes roof structure is a very innovative solution. It’s a perfect illustration of the city of Paris ambitions as a smart, sustainable and connected city.” says Alexandra Verneuil, Head of the local architectural section of the 16th and 17th district in Paris, Assets and Architecture services department.

During the Parc des Princes roof structure monitoring project, HIKOB and Advitam have been collaborating further to create smart sensors by integrating Advitam’s algorithms in HIKOB’s hardware system. The resulting system is an advanced solution to remotely monitor the structural health of civil engineering structures: a unique solution on the market to detect and warn of foundations problems.

« We believe in the future of wireless monitoring systems which offer many benefits for building sites and infrastructures monitoring. The wireless monitoring market is growing significantly and Advitam is more and more investing in these technologies. Thanks to the Parc des Princes roof structure project, we engaged with HIKOB and we currently extending our collaboration on new projects! » says Gilles Hovhanessian, Advitam CEO.

Download the press release: HIKOB_PR_Advitam_EN