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HIKOB was selected in the framework of the 23rd Call for Projects of the Unique Interministerial Fund- Regions

HIKOB, a stakeholder in the “Easymaint” a project certified by Minalogic, the competitiveness cluster for digital technologies in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, was selected as part of the 23rd call for projects of the Unique Interministerial Fund.

Easymaint accompanies medium-sized industries towards their transformation into industry 4.0. The project proposes a fault-tolerant diagnostics solution on the machines, thus enabling better equipment availability.

Combining wireless sensors and software, Easymaint allows direct connectivity between machines and applications of CMMS (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management). Finally, the solution proposed will not require advanced computer skills (programming) and will therefore be accessible to the greatest number.

Partners :

Schneider Electric (porteur) (38), CORIM (38), ASTREE (42), HIKOB (69), 01DB-Metravib (69), INSA Lyon (69)

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