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HIKOB wins the RTE contest in the “Concept” category

In order to stimulate Open Innovation (cooperation between companies) and benefits from innovative technologies which will make the electricity transmission system even more efficient and intelligent. RTE launched a contest allowing winning startups to test their solutions on the RTE transmission system.

HIKOB has been rewarded on Wednesday, december 16th for its ADSMARTe project. This is a wireless sensors network to allow monitoring on electric transforming stations and on aerial linear RTE transportation. Wireless sensors measure climatic variables such as temperature or humidity and their effect on electric pylons.

This partnership should lead to an experimental pilot to validate the operational process of the system and to gather quantified feedback on the benefits of the system.

IMG_0104Guillaume Chelius, HIKOB CEO rewarded for the concept category’s first price by François Brottes, RTE President.

Vidéo : HIKOB wins the RTE start-up contest