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How the IoT will increase the impact of events?

Thanks to IoT, the experience of sporting, cultural, commercial or public events becomes multidimensional and multi-support, and its impact is multiplied tenfold. Dedicated to data collection in mobility contexts, on moving assets or individuals, multidimensional tracking systems integrate the latest generation of IoT technologies to capture critical data in real-time and broadcast it instantaneously with the multimedia stream.

It is thus possible to follow a manifestation in every detail, in all its dimensions, in real time and in a mapped way. Position, trajectory travel, speed, performances … nothing escapes the public who lives the adventure together with the event protagonists.


Capture every single moment

The value of live event transmissions resides in the almost immediate information that enables the audience to live precisely every moment of the event. The rapid and effective broadcasting of content gathered on the ground grabs and maintains the attention. It is therefore essential for the images as well as the information to be retransmitted with a lowest level of latency possible to offer the experience of the real time.

The setting up of a dynamic network of inertial positioning wireless sensors allows to capture multiple data on a multitude of precise points and to collect them continuously, in real time. These live, detailed, unparalleled precision data are delivered with their spatio-temporal cords, allowing publishers to offer an exciting experience throughout the entire broadcast.



Follow every mouvement

Capturing images on the go in a moving event requires the deployment of the most suitable camera and telecommunication infrastructure (mobile cameramen, helicopters, aircraft for satellite relay, fixed cameras, drones, etc.).

It is the ultra-precise localization offered by these inertial sensors equipped with locating components combining radio and GPS that will allow to follow the itineraries, displacements, movements, trajectories, performances and / or status of assets/individual’s actors of the adventure that takes place before the eyes of the audience. These flows of real-time information, mapped if necessary, enrich the follow-up of the event through multimedia and multi-media broadcasting and enhance its value.


Design an experience of unequaled precision

Detailed, precise and accurate data captured in real-time enrich the event narration offering a unique content for the audience. This real-time accuracy increases the involvement during the event and fosters understanding so as the audience commitment.

By capturing new data, obtaining previously inaccessible information that will make the remarkable characteristics of each event and manifestation, the broadcasts are full of exciting new live content offering a new experience on all types of media and support (TV, PC, Smartphone, dynamic billboard …).


Diving in the heart of the action

Sensors fixed on subjects in motion capture, as close as possible to the measuring point, the position and speed data processed on board in order to calculate information such as : caps, trajectories, displacements, distances.

These measures provide accurate, reliable and unique information for a stronger experience and detailed coverage of events. More innovative than ever, multimedia broadcasting makes viewers, Internet users and professionals react by mixing streaming video and dynamic content.


Obtaining maximum visibility

The IoT is a real lever of value creation for major events. By opening up an unparalleled range of opportunities, connected objects are installed at the heart of the event system to make of every event a unique, captivating, engaging moment offering an incredible proximity to immerse the audience in the action.


For further information, download the brochure: Multidimensional Tracking

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