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Let’s vote : Guillaume Chelius, CEO d’HIKOB finalist of the Young Entrepreneur Award!


After a selection among several entrepreneurs in the Center-East french region, Guillaume CHELIUS, HIKOB’s CEO is finalist of the Young Entrepreneur Award in the “Industry”category.

The Prize created by a french national newspaper La Tribune, “Young Entrepreneur, 1000 startups to change the world” is a competition which reveals talents throughout the territory who animate an exceptional entrepreneurial dynamism.

By creating the innovative HIKOB startup in 2009, Guillaume CHELIUS wants to put the technology at the service of a better understanding and exploitation of our infrastructures and physical assets to optimize their use and exploitation. In a world with limited resources and confined space, a better use of the infrastructures to make it last is a crucial challenge for years to come.

Let’s vote : The candidate having received the highest number of votes until February 28, 2017 will be awarded of one more vote in addition to the national jury’s personal votes.

Results : The winners will be announced on March 28th during an award ceremony in Paris.

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