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[Press Release] HIKOB becomes a shareholder of Transpolis, first full-scale laboratory city in Europe dedicated to urban mobility!

Lyon, august 31, 2017 HIKOB, a major player in connected and smart urban mobility systems, becomes a shareholder of Transpolis SAS, a 80-hectare laboratory dedicated to experimenting with urban mobility solutions. HIKOB technologies will be added to the Intelligent Transportation Systems deployed on Transpolis, whose construction work was initiated during the summer and will be completed in June 2018 in Leyment (01), not far from LYON metropolis.

HIKOB INSTANT wireless vehicle detection systems provide real-time data for control, urban traffic monitoring and winter maintenance systems, parking management systems and on street parkings. They will thus enrich the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) deployed on the Transpolis platform of 80 hectares to meet the following application needs:

  • Improving the understanding of flows on road networks,
  • Facilitate the management of traffic junctions,
  • Controlling public lighting to adapt energy consumption,
  • Optimize and control the parking times (blue zones, minute stop …),
  • Check the actual occupancy of the electric vehicle charging stations (EVSE),
  • Optimize winter operations.