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SIdO: Smart Mobility & Industry 4.0, strong topics addressed by HIKOB

Highly anticipated, the SIdO tradeshow hold in Lyon, France is a unifying moment of the entire IoT ecosystem, a decisive meeting place in the digital transformation process of the BtoB sector.

It brought together all the stakeholders of the connected and intelligent projects and gave rise to a rich conference program in which HIKOB contributed to the strong themes of Smart Mobility and the future of Industry 4.0.

SMART CITY « Towards Smarter Mobility »

HIKOB addresses the different applications concerning a smarter urban mobility and insists in this excerpt on the importance of wireless detection to support electromobility:

Ludovic Broquereau explains how the detection of vehicle presence guarantees the profitability of deployed infrastructures and ensures the service efficiency expected by electric vehicle drivers.

INDUSTRY 4.0 « From idea to industrialization – project methodology »

Ludovic Broquereau stresses the importance of broadband protocols with extended range in contexts where the robustness of the network, the synchronization of measurements and the capacity to collect a large amount of data are critical points.

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