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SNCF – Smart monitoring of the rolling stock – infrastructure interface
The pantograph at the interface between the rolling stock and the infrastructure is an articulated device that allows the train to capture the current by friction on a catenary. If the pantographs and the catenary deteriorate mutually in cascade, the...
Easymaint – Solution for predictive detection of breakdowns
Labeled by Minalogic (French competitiveness cluster for electronics and digital technologies), the “Easymaint” project is funded by the French government with a budget of €2.8 million and aims to support the industries of medium size towards their transformation into Industries...
ONEPROD – Monitoring system for predictive maintenance
In the framework of its predictive maintenance offering, ONEPROD part of the ACOEM group provides monitoring solutions that allow to avoid unexpected breakdowns in industrial production tools. Traditionally ONEPRODI is using wired data acquisition systems. However, they are costly and...
With IoT, the experience of sporting events becomes multidimensional, which increases its impact tenfold. For the broadcast to be captivating, both images and information must be retransmitted with the lowest latency possible and offer real-time experience. Euromedia objective is to...
The maintenance in operational condition of vehicles in operation is extremely critical and depends directly on the manner in which they are solicited. To characterize the real conditions where vehicles have been used and their impacts on the vehicles, THALES...
Grenoble Alpes University
DyLNet is a research project jointly conducted by the University of Grenoble Alpes and INRIA Lyon, funded by the French National Research Agency, which aims to understand how the relationships between children and the relationships between children and adults in...
Nantes Regional Hospital
Led by the University Hospital Center of Nantes, the ARIBO project (Attitudes, Risk of Infection, Behaviors in the Operating Room) aims to define the place of intraoperative behaviors of staff in the occurrence of postoperative complications. The monitoring of parameters...
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