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ACOEM develops a range of acoustic gunshot detection systems of the brand Metravib, designed, one for the protection of soldiers, sentinels or VIPs and the other for the protection of vehicles.

PEARL is a portable detection system dedicated to the reactive localization of gunshots that can easily be added to another portable device (telescope, binoculars, weapon …). Designed to be an additional personal protection equipment, the control of the costs of production add up to the need to meet the constraints of miniature size, lightness, robustness but also high performance and high accuracy. The PILAR system also dedicated to reactive localization is designed to be mounted on the roof of any armored vehicle.

The challenge is to combine in a portable detector, processing of acoustic data and inertial data integrating the movements of the mobile element (person or vehicle) that embeds the detector to estimate its heading and position.


Reactive orientation systems

 To develop the compact and wireless PEARL and PILAR inertial reactive orientation systems, SEQUANTA provides a global OEM solution including the design of a specific integrated electronics, the delivery of a Hardware Reference Design, on-board embedded signal processing software bricks for both products and support services for system operating tests, necessary for the validation of both products.

Combinaison of ACOEM’s 3D sound imaging technology  with SEQUANTA technologies to :

Integrate the motions of a mobile (acceleration and angular velocity) to estimate its orientation (angles of roll, pitch and heading), its linear speed and its position.

Specific electronics adapted to the expected final product:

Last generation MEMS
Lightness and size reduced to the minimum possible
Low latency (less than one second)

Data provided by PEARL ( personal protection):

Azimuth, elevation thanks to directional LEDs

Data provided by PILAR  (vehicle protection):

Azimuth, altitude, range
Caliber characterization
GPS coordinates of the origin of the gunshot


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