Easymaint – Solution for predictive detection of breakdowns


Labeled by Minalogic (French competitiveness cluster for electronics and digital technologies), the “Easymaint” project is funded by the French government with a budget of €2.8 million and aims to support the industries of medium size towards their transformation into Industries 4.0.

The objective is to propose a diagnostic solution capable of anticipating machine breakdowns in order to significantly improve the availability and maintenance of existing machines in the medium-sized industry (manufacturing, agro-food).

Schneider Electric is leading the project that brings together an academic, INSA Lyon and 4 companies including SEQUANTA.

The solution offers enhanced diagnostic capability based on wireless sensors, positioned on the machine, closer to the measuring point, continuously feeding the application of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) with accurate data.


Hardware and software platform of a miniature triaxial sensor

A wireless, smart and connected solution for measuring vibratory speed and acceleration levels!

Sensor hardware:

  • Optimized size for permanent installation on machines
  • Battery life maximized for long-term monitoring
  • Acquisition of data closer to the measurement point

Embedded software:

  • Bluetooth configuration
  • Integration of an advanced embedded signal processing software
  • In situ calculation of indicators for maintenance control
  • Zigbee Green Power wireless protocol integration

Communication stacks:

  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee Green Power


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