With IoT, the experience of sporting events becomes multidimensional, which increases its impact tenfold. For the broadcast to be captivating, both images and information must be retransmitted with the lowest latency possible and offer real-time experience.

Euromedia objective is to develop its core activity of capturing events by relying on a real-time and live tracking system for professional cycling races. The intention is to enrich the live narration of the event during the multi-media and multi-media broadcast of the races (mobile applications, website, audiovisual media …) to keep the audience in suspense with data on the routes, movements, trajectories and performance of runners.

The objective is to provide the audience with every moment of the event, in every detail, in all its dimensions, in real time.


Live tracking of professional cycling races

SEQUANTA provides a wireless Live Tracking solution based on GPS inertial sensors communicating over a radio link with several SEQUANTA Signal One gateway solutions, to collect and process data in real time and continuously. The information is collected at a frequency of 1Hz for all 200 pro cyclists. This data is transmitted to be aggregated and formatted by the SEQUANTA Core software platform, embedded in the OB van for live, multimedia and multi-support retransmission.

  • Miniaturized, ultra-lightweight, autonomous wireless GPS inertial sensors installed under the saddle
  • Wireless Edge Computing gateway based on SEQUANTA Signal One, installed in the following vehicles and in the planes and helicopters that cover the stages
  • SEQUANTA Core software platform, provided in an hosted mode and installed in the OB van

A widely proven and reliable solution: +100 days of live coverage for 4 years with a 99.8% availability rate!


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