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The Smart Home for Health support (Habitat Intelligent pour la Santé) of the research center INRIA Nancy consists of 4 rooms furnished and equipped with sensors and mobile robots. INRIA (the leading French research institute on ICT) uses this smart apartment, life size, to implement various technologies to experiment with different solutions for home maintenance.
Within the framework of this research INRIA has entrusted SEQUANTA with the project of designing a “smart floor” interacting with the movements and falls of objects and people, but also with robots moving on the floor.

The challenge lies in the design of an easy-to-install floor consisting of instrumented slabs with different miniature sensors, communicating with each other and with a central gateway, to compose a system of detection of movements and falls, robust, reliable and efficient 24/7. The goal of this floor is also to interact quickly with equipment to allow the design and evaluation of various home support solutions.

INRIA - Smart floor for home maintenance
Director of Research, INRIA

Falls can have catastrophic consequences for people in fragile and close relative. The challenge was to achieve a smart floor, able to immediately identify any fall to trigger a warning signal.

The ability to interact with local devices also makes it possible to think of help solutions such as triggering LED lighting to draw light paths at night or trigger help actions using assistive robots.

We selected SEQUANTA because our requirements were to rely on a turnkey and reliable system operational 24/7. SEQUANTA has been able to exceed our expectations with a very innovative solution by succeeding to implement a network of 500 sensors embedded in the slabs.

This is a unique concept at this stage. Since this implementation is a success, we are currently thinking about a new generation of smart slabs which could be commercialized on a larger scale.


Smart floor

SEQUANTA delivers to INRIA a customized and fully integrated solution: engineering design, production, project management, on-site installation, support and maintenance. The floor of the smart apartment consists of a technical floor of 104 slabs, instrumented with sensors, LEDs and a gateway to provide a system communicating with great precision and reliability.

104 Instrumented raw wood slabs (600x600mm)

Sensors installed under each slab:

  • Strain gauges to detect the presence of entities on the ground (objects, humans, robots) according to their mass
  • MEMS accelerometer to detect falling object or people
  • Instantaneous transmission of sensor data to the SEQUANTA Signal One based Edge Computing gateway

Wireless Edge computing gateway solution based on SEQUANTA Signal One:

  • On-site acquisition, collection and continuous processing of sensor data
  • LED control
  • Wireless communication with robots moving on the ground


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