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Led by the University Hospital Center of Nantes, the ARIBO project (Attitudes, Risk of Infection, Behaviors in the Operating Room) aims to define the place of intraoperative behaviors of staff in the occurrence of postoperative complications.

The monitoring of parameters characterizing the block dynamics enables to develop strategies for modifying the behavior of the personnel in the operating room with a view to reducing the possibility of postoperative complications.

For this purpose, a continuous and real-time monitoring system based on a sensor network system is deployed in 15 hospitals and 55 intervention rooms, to collect the number and frequency of personnel inputs / outputs in the blocks and the sound level of these Operating rooms.

University Hospital Center of Nantes, France - ARIBO project
CEC Engineer - ARIBO Project Manager

We needed to rely on an experienced and expert partner who could provide us with the capability to continuously collect and….

…process the targeted data needed to build accurate and reliable knowledge.With the SaaS software platform made available by SEQUANTA, we can easily retrieve, in real time, from anywhere, the data of each block and of all the blocks. This is the basis for our analysis of the relationship between team dynamics and increased risk of post-operative complications.


Hardware and software platform for operatory block dynamic monitoring

The IoT and Edge Computing solution offered by SEQUANTA is based on the SEQUANTA Core software platform provided in SaaS mode.

Features of the SEQUANTA Core platform implemented:

  • 24/7 secure access from any type of terminal (PC, tablet, mobile)
  • Management and supervision of the sensor systems deployed in the blocks
  • Capture, storage and real-time processing of data (input / output and noise level) per block
  • Consolidation and storage of data from all blocks
  • Visualization of time series of data
  • Filtering, querying and exporting data
  • JSON integration API


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