The maintenance in operational condition of vehicles in operation is extremely critical and depends directly on the manner in which they are solicited. To characterize the real conditions where vehicles have been used and their impacts on the vehicles, THALES seeks to continuously monitor the health and usage of vehicles during operations.

The objective for THALES is to obtain a light solution, to measure continuously over the entire operating life critical parameters like acceleration, pitch, roll, grade … and to keep only useful geolocated data to enrich the knowledge on the vehicles running conditions.

Maintaining fleets of military vehicles in operational condition
Operations Engineering Engineer - HUMS & SIL Specialist

We were looking for a HUMS solution at the crossroads of microelectronics, measurement and data processing and embedded systems to …

…collect the data needed to better characterize the running conditions of vehicles in operation. Here, the challenge is to achieve a standalone, non-intrusive smart solution, able to measure and continuously process the targeted parameters over the entire operating life, to finally, only back up the relevant information. SEQUANTA has been able to offer us an optimal sized Appliance capable of measuring and processing the parameters that allow us to power our solution of operational conditions maintenance.


Based on the SEQUANTA Signal One Appliance, SEQUANTA delivers a wireless Edge Computing solution that is optimized in size, robust to harsh environments, easy to install, and highly autonomous, with no need for recharging over the defined operating time.

Details of the solution:

  • Acquisition, capture and in situ processing of running condition data from integrated MEMS sensors and GNSS receivers: grade, speed, position, shocks, roll, pitch, temperature.
  • Continuous Datalogging on SEQUANTA Signal One during the operational phases (6 months of battery life) then uploading processed and formatted data via SEQUANTA Core when the vehicles are returning to the base warehouse.

Usage of data:

  • Detection of the type of coating.
  • Detection of the severity.
  • Detection of the grade.


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