IN MOTION systems are designed to collect unique real-time data directly from the field:

  • In mobility contexts,
  • On moving objects or subjects.

IN MOTION data acquisition systems integrate MEMS inertial sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope) and GPS and radio positioning components. Depending on the needs, they are deployed in 3 type of possible architecture:

  • Unit data logging for post analysis,
  • Synchronized data logging in a wireless sensor network,
  • Data streaming in a local multi-hop radio communication architecture interconnected with long-range telecommunication networks (3G, satellite…).

When data acquisition on moving things or persons matters, IN MOTION wireless data acquisition systems provide an accurate, reliable, robust and scalable solution. They will help you in numerous applications such as:

  • Sport performance quantifying and analysis,
  • Patient rehabilitation in health field,
  • Biomechanics,
  • AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference Systems) ,
  • Live coverage of sport events.

IN MOTION systems are deployed in various applicative fields and contexts: live coverage of sport events, biomechanics, patient rehabilitation, motion capture,  AHRS systems…

To collect accurate and reliable data directly from the field for a unique experience, SEQUANTA designs wireless data acquisition systems that integrates inertial measurement units (3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer) and GPS positioning systems.


Thanks to IN MOTION data acquisition systems, our clients collect unique live data in mobility contexts, to understand their environment or motion properties of things and people. Find out about their testimonies and cade studies…