How IIoT renews the mobile construction machinery market?

Construction, mining and quarrying sectors are engaged in a profound digital transformation. IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) completely renews and revitalizes these markets. Among the revolutions triggered, the potential freed by the digitalization of the scrapper, dumper, bulldozer, dump truck, conveyor … exceeds the borders of imagination. Today, thanks to the agility that the low-power Edge Computing combined with the power of the Cloud confers, we reach an unparalleled level of acuity.

In this Market Trend, you will discover how the diversity of new information obtained offers:

  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs,
  • Extend machinery service life and uptime,
  • Increase operational agility and productivity,
  • Enhance safety on operations and sites.


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The breakdown of a machine can slow down and even stop a construction site in progress. It is therefore crucial to intervene, at the right time, in the right place with the right spare parts to shorten the repair time and duration and therefore of immobilization.

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