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In the case of activities for which the service provided is based on mobile assets and equipment (rail and public transport, cable transport, building sites and quarries, etc.), ensuring the optimal functioning of the operations and the best level of service at all times, involves controlling the condition of usage of vehicles, rolling stock, machinery, equipment to take informed decisions on the allocation of resources, to be able to trigger in a wise way the total, partial, temporary or extended outage of all or part of the activity and to ensure safety for users, staff and third parties.

Building an appropriate understanding of the reality of operations and achieving the desired level of agility involves to collect many parameters such as vibrations, shocks, accelerations, pitching, rolling, pendulum, noise pollution, temperatures, etc. In demanding and complex industrial contexts faced by rail and public transport, construction and quarries, defense and civil security, it is a challenge.

In such environments data delivered by SEQUANTA solutions propel operations to a higher level!

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Overcome all IIoT barriers in harsh environments

With its smart data solutions, SEQUANTA brings IIoT to a higher level by responding to complex scenarios, imposing the greatest possible energy autonomy and the lowest possible latency for smart monitoring and / or smart actuation.

  • Build new knowledge on operating conditions,
  • Provide accurate information on the status of each asset to order the use of mobile assets based on their condition and availability.
  • Increase operational agility and act effectively on the smooth running of operations / missions.

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