Abnormalities detection

Simplify Access to information required for abnormalities detection

An abnormality is any event that is not part of the standard operations, and which may cause a decrease in the quality of service, a break down or even a full stop of operations. For an equipment or a mobile asset, the most critical abnormalities will concern the components making the interface between the infrastructure and also its critical organs.

The identification of these abnormalities requires to process a very large volume of data on shocks and vibrations, clamping forces, movements and swaying’s … to quickly detect thresholds or abnormal behaviors, to characterize them and to geolocate them. In addition, operating needs often require maximum reactivity closer to the field to be able to immediately trigger the required actions.

Getting this crucial information is therefore complex. This requires continuous measurements on hard-to-access points, in areas that are constrained in space, far from easy access to a power supply, and to process them rapidly almost in real time, in situ.

This is where SEQUANTA smart data solutions take their full value!

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Overcome all IIoT barriers in harsh environments

SEQUANTA simplifies access to the information required to detect abnormalities. With its smart data solutions offering, SEQUANTA brings IIoT to a higher level.

  • Characterize and geolocate the degradations, incidents and abnormalities,
  • Trigger corrective actions at the right time and in the right place,
  • Increase operational agility and act on operating efficiency,
  • Boost continuity of service.


SNCF characterizes events on the pantograph

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