Monitoring of operating conditions

Cable transport


Cable transport (funiculars, cable cars, gondola lifts, chairlifts) is an effective solution adapted to the current challenges of urban mobility. Historically deployed in the middle of the mountains, cable transport projects are multiplying today in urban or tourist contexts. Highly solicited by the external environment, the installations are subject to phenomena of vibrations, shocks and swaying.

To ensure a reliable continuity of service over time, to offer passengers transported the expected level of comfort and safety, the challenge is to master the operating conditions. This involves knowing in real time and over time the state of many components and components for each vehicle and the entire line.

But, in these demanding and complex contexts, having reliable and useful smart data is not easy: the collection points are difficult to access with the traditional wired monitoring means, the electrical energy is not readily available and communications are often intermittent.

This is where SEQUANTA’s smart data solutions take their value!

The combination of wireless sensors with the SEQUANTA Signal One Edge Computing Appliance provides an advanced monitoring system that delivers critical information in real time for enhanced agility. The continual enrichment of the SEQUANTA Core Cloud platform with this enlightening information brings the knowledge of the field reality to an unparalleled level of precision.

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Edge Computing is the process of capturing critical data and processing it in real time on the field, providing the agility and responsiveness needed for efficient operations and maintenance.
Through a short loop, it continuously provides decisive data relating to the state of assets in operation, offering agility and responsiveness to operations and maintenance actions. Data dedicated to further deeper analysis are used to build in a knowledge ever finer.

Abnormalities detection

Capture and collect unprecedented targeted data, as close as possible to hard-to-reach critical organs such as the clip or the grips, the tire conveyor… And process them in situ to:

  • Identify, geolocate and characterize extraordinary events (abnormalities, degradations, incidents),
  • Trigger on exceeding thresholds the automatic actions of local control / command equipment (camera …),
  • Manage the periodic transmission of smart data to the cloud via a telecom / iot network to supply smart data to the information system and the operating and maintenance processes.


  • Trigger corrective actions at the right time and in the right place.
  • Increase operational agility and act for efficient operations.
  • Boost continuity of service.

Monitoring of operating conditions

  • Capture and collect targeted data as close as possible to the critical elements to monitor the parameters (vibrations, shocks, accelerations, clamping force, sway, temperatures, etc.) required to characterize the real conditions of transport.
  • Manage the periodic transmission of smart data to the information system and maintenance operating processes.


  • Build new knowledge on comfort and operating conditions.
  • Complete preventive maintenance programming models.
  • Provide the smart data that will be used to improve the performance and comfort of the service.

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