Monitoring of operating conditions

Defense & Civil Security


Vehicles, mobile and rolling machines are key elements to ensure the smooth running of defense and civil security operations. Designed for the most difficult environments and the toughest situations, they are nonetheless subject to strong constraints and stresses that can cause significant damage

The management of fleets and their maintenance in operational conditions is a complex operation especially as investments are often very significant and operational constraints very strong.

At the time of the scarcity of public budgets, the stakes are clear: it is a question of increasing the rate of availability of these mobile assets and vehicles thanks to an optimized plan of maintenance in operational conditions.

With the advent of the IIoT, the defense and civil security sector can boast a remarkable source of innovation to meet the challenge of digitizing operations and of transforming OLS plans.

Drawing on its expertise in microelectronics and low power consumption, SEQUANTA combines the agility of the Internet of Things with tiny wireless sensors adjusted to the need, the power of Edge computing with SEQUANTA Signal One Appliance and the intelligibility of the Cloud computing via the SEQUANTA Core 24/7 platform to provide tailored Smart Data solutions.

Adapted to market constraints and expectations, SEQUANTA’s Smart Data solutions, designed to be easily deployed in retrofit, capture all targeted data, including those previously out of reach, to continuously consolidate and release in real time an unprecedented knowledge of operations!

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Overcome all IIoT barriers in harsh environments

With its smart data solutions offering, SEQUANTA brings IIoT to a higher level.


With SEQUANTA’s low-power wireless smart data solutions, it is possible to accurately characterize, in real time and on continuity, the health of mobile assets and their operating conditions.

Targeted data captured over the entire duration of trips or missions, are processed and formatted continuously.

The most critical information is immediately used by local devices, the rest of the information is transmitted to a platform hosted in the cloud, for storage, further in-depth analysis and the generation of dashboards. It becomes easier to guarantee their integrity and extend their life cycle.

Monitoring of operating conditions

Collect targeted data (GPS positions, vibrations, shocks, accelerations, pitch, roll, etc.) as close as possible to the critical elements of the vehicle in order to:

  • Process unpublished data in situ to feed the information system and the maintenance operating processes in smart data.
  • Calculate thresholds to alert when exceeded.
  • Manage the periodic transmission of smart data to the cloud via a telecom network.


Provide accurate knowledge of the condition of each vehicle to:

  • Inform fleet maintenance decisions,
  • Order the use of the vehicles between them according to the service / maintenance operations to be performed,
  • Complete programming scenarios for preventive maintenance actions,
  • Increase the knowledge of the typology of the terrain covered to enrich the impact study of the real conditions of driving on the vehicles,
  • Increase operational agility and act effectively on missions.

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SEQUANTA simplifies access to decisive data, in complex situations, to enable its customers to optimize the management of their mobile assets and equipment.

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