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To boost their development, industries must be able to create value by innovating to differentiate themselves and improve their competitiveness. Innovation involves designing effective responses to known and understood issues and challenges. It is therefore above all about building accurate knowledge and a good understanding of reality to improve the customer experience.

Increasing knowledge involves exploring further, capturing out-of-range data, and correlating data with each other to derive decisive information. Making access to this knowledge effective also means delivering this directly exploitable information at the right time.

When it comes to moving vehicles, rolling stock, machinery and industrial equipment, sometimes at high speed, far from a direct access to power and in harsh environments, capturing the targeted parameters is proving to be a major challenge. With the SEQUANTA Signal One Edge Computing Appliance, it is possible to continuously capture targeted data, over the required period of time, in the most complex environments, to get the most value of it, in real time. Delivered continuously to SEQUANTA Core cloud storage, visualization and exploration platform, this unprecedented data opens the door to turning key insights into innovative ideas and solutions.

This is how SEQUANTA’s smart data solutions contribute significantly to the innovation process!

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Overcome all IIoT barriers in harsh environments

With its smart data solutions offering, SEQUANTA brings IIoT to a higher level by responding to complex scenarios, imposing the greatest possible energy autonomy and the lowest possible latency for smart monitoring and / or smart actuation.


Capture, collect and continuously process new and targeted data, as close as possible to the critical organs to:

  • Build new knowledge on operating conditions to feed the R & D and innovation needs,
  • Provide smart data that will guide the improvement of performance and quality of service.

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