Operating conditions monitoring

Simplify access to data relevant to the monitoring of operating conditions

For many business sectors, ensuring the integrity and extending the life cycle of mobile assets (vehicles, machinery, rolling stock, etc.), is crucial and requires mastering the health and usage of this equipment.

Continuous monitoring (vibrations, shocks, accelerations, pitching, rolling …) throughout the duration of the journeys or operating phases provides a reliable knowledge of the operating times on the different types of infrastructure or pavement and the severity of the journey. This allows to define the level of stress of the equipment. With this knowledge, it becomes possible to order the use of the rolling stock assets between them for future operations and to plan the maintenance wisely.

Nonetheless, the multiple parts, components and critical systems of these mobile assets are not easily reachable. Access to the measurement points and to the power supply are often strongly constrained.

This is where SEQUANTA smart data solutions make sense!

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Overcome all IIoT barriers in harsh environments

With its smart data solutions offering, SEQUANTA brings IIoT to a higher level.

  • Increase the knowledge of the type of terrain covered to enrich the vehicle impact study with real driving conditions.
  • Provide accurate knowledge of the condition of each vehicle.
  • Inform fleet maintenance decisions.
  • Complete preventive maintenance actions plan.
  • Increase operational agility and act on operating efficiency.


THALES characterizes running conditions of vehicles in operations

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For the most demanding requirements of the railway, transport, construction & quarrying, defense and civil security sectors …

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