Monitoring of operating conditions

Public rail transport (Subways & Tramways)


Regional train networks, trams, metro, trolleys are subject to degradation, wear or events that could deteriorate the reliability and quality of service. The problem does not only concern aging rolling stock, but also the most recent equipment.

While service level objectives on these networks could lead to a tendency for over-investment and redundancy of equipment to ensure continuity, the productivity and financial stakes encourage to maximize use, profitability and the useful life of the existing rolling stock fleet.

It is therefore to anticipate for less / better maintain and repair, eliminate all unnecessary interventions impacting the operations and users, better understand the reality of the service, to meet the best level of service expected.

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Wireless low power smart data solutions provide critical information about the mobile asset’s components health and usage for greater control of the good functioning and the operational safety. Increasing the knowledge of the phenomena experienced in the field by the analysis of this information is also a strong lever for innovation and the development of quality of service. It enables also to manage real-time critical events for greater control of safety risks.

Abnormalities detection

  • Detect, characterize and geolocate extraordinary events on the critical components of the rolling stock that are difficult to access: pantographs, bogies, skates, rotating / vibrating equipment, etc…
  • Process the data in situ to operate local control / command equipment.
  • Provide smart data for the information system and the operating and maintenance processes.
  • Manage the periodic transmission of smart data to the cloud via a telecom / IoT network.


  • Characterize and locate the degradations, incidents and abnormalities.
  • Trigger corrective actions at the right time and in the right place.
  • Increase operational agility and operating efficiency.
  • Boost continuity of service.

Monitoring of operating conditions

  • Collect the data closest to the critical elements to monitor the parameters (vibrations, shocks, accelerations, pitch, roll, etc.) required to characterize the real conditions of transport.
  • Power smart data to the monitoring of operations.


  • Build new knowledge on comfort and operating conditions.
  • Complete preventive maintenance programming models.
  • Guide the improvement of the performance and comfort of the service.


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