Monitoring of operating and running conditions

Public works, mines and quarries


Lifting, extracting machinery, trucks and transport vehicles are widely used and subjected to high stresses (shocks, vibrations, climatic stress, etc.) in the operation of construction sites, mines and quarries. Not only is their unit availability rate a key success factor in the progress of the work, but the overall fleet coordination at the site is also critical to the efficiency and safety of operations.

The knowledge of the type of events that can impact vehicles and vehicles during operations / journeys and the location of their occurrences is the essential basis for building an accurate knowledge of the driving conditions and the state of the fleet to plan effective operations at the right time and in the right place.

However, in these demanding and complex contexts, having reliable and useful smart data is not easy. This is where SEQUANTA’s smart data solutions take their value!

Imagine that data difficult to access with the traditional wired monitoring systems are now captured thanks to wireless sensors networked with the SEQUANTA Signal One Edge Computing Appliance:  the solution geolocates them and correlates them in situ to immediately forward them to SEQUANTA Core cloud platform to deliver real-time information that brings both agility and increased knowledge of the field reality!

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Monitoring of operating and running conditions

Collect targeted data (vibrations, shocks, acceleration, pitch, roll, etc.) as close as possible to the critical elements of the vehicle to:

  • Geolocate vehicles and machines,
  • Process unpublished data, in situ, to supply smart data to the information system and the operating and maintenance processes,
  • Compute critical thresholds to alert if exceeded,
  • Manage the periodic transmission of smart data to the cloud via a telecom / IoT network.



Provide accurate knowledge of the condition of each vehicle to:

  • Inform fleet maintenance decisions,
  • Order the use of vehicles according to the maintenance / service operations to be performed,
  • Complete preventive maintenance actions plan,
  • Increase the knowledge of the type of terrain covered to enrich the vehicle impact study with real driving conditions,
  • Increase operational agility and act on operating efficiency.
Smart data disruptive solution for public works, mines and quarries

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SEQUANTA simplifies access to decisive data, in complex situations, to enable its customers to optimize the management of their mobile assets and equipment.

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