Increase the effectiveness of continuous improvement processes



To stay in the running, a company must be recognized as providing its customers with an added value, high quality service at a competitive cost.

For activities where the service provided is based on mobile assets and equipment (rail and public transport, cable transport, building sites and quarries, etc.), the challenge is to maintain them in operational condition over time, to increase their availability and overall performance rate and consolidate their operational safety.

Continuous improvement of the knowledge of the reality of operating conditions provides a deeper understanding of the challenges ahead to optimize operations and react quickly to events.

To achieve these objectives monitoring specific and targeted parameters continuously throughout the duration of the operations is a key. It requires to collect data from measuring points that are difficult to access and to process them on spot to provide actionable information to enrich the knowledge base of the quality management approach.

It is by giving access to this decisive data that SEQUANTA enables companies to objectify and develop the quality of their service!

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Capter, collecter et traiter en continu des données inédites et ciblées, au plus proche des organes critiques pour :

  • Construire une connaissance et à caractériser la réalité d’exploitation.
  • Alimenter les décisions avec des informations déterminantes et objectives pour améliorer la performance et la qualité du service.

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