Characterize the real conditions of transport

Rail transport


A well-maintained and reliable infrastructure and rolling stock are two key levers for the rail sector to ensure the safety, level and continuity of service expected by the community while anticipating the new needs of travelers.
It is also necessary to have the right data, the useful information to trigger the maintenance interventions at the right time and in the right place, to increase the operational agility and to act effectively on the running of operations.

By combining the accuracy of wireless sensors, SEQUANTA Signal One Edge Computing capabilities and the intelligibility offered by SEQUANTA Core cloud storage and data mining platform, SEQUANTA’s Smart Data solutions deliver at the right time the decisive information that changes the game!

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Overcome all IIoT barriers in harsh environments

SEQUANTA simplifies access to the information required to detect abnormalities. With its smart data solutions offering, SEQUANTA brings IIoT to a higher level.


SEQUANTA wireless low-power smart data solutions provide critical information on the condition and conditions of use of rail infrastructure components and rolling stock components for greater control of operation and safety of exploitation. Increasing the knowledge of the phenomena experienced in the field by the analysis of this information is also a strong lever for innovation and the development of the quality of the service.

SEQUANTA cutting-edge smart data solutions are at the service of the railway industry to:

  • Build knowledge and enable operational agility,
  • Characterize the data and trigger actions,
  • Easily deploy with retrofit on existing equipment,
  • Offer on field low power processing capabilities.

Abnormalities detection

Capture and collect unprecedented data, closer to the rolling stock critical and hard-to-reach organs, such as pantographs, hitches, bogies, rotating / vibrating equipment… in order to:

  • Identify, geolocate and characterize extraordinary events (degradations, incidents and abnormalities),
  • Conditionally trigger the automatic actions of local control / command equipment (camera …),
  • Manage the periodic transmission of smart data via a telecom / IoT network to the cloud, supplying smart data to the information system and the operating and maintenance processes.


  • Trigger corrective actions at the right time and in the right place.
  • Increase operational agility and act on operating efficiency.
  • Boost continuity of service.

Monitoring of operating conditions

Capture and collect the targeted data closest to the critical elements to:

  • monitor the parameters (vibrations, shocks, accelerations, pitch, roll, pendulum movement, noise pollution, temperatures, etc.) required to characterize the real conditions of transport.
  • Manage the periodic transmission of smart data to the information system and the operating and maintenance processes.


  • Develop knowledge of operating and comfort conditions.
  • Complete preventive maintenance programming models with unprecedented and relevant data.
  • Provide the smart data that will be used to improve the performance and comfort of the service.


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SEQUANTA simplifies access to decisive data, in complex situations, to enable its customers to optimize the management of their mobile assets and equipment.

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