Monitoring of operating conditions

Public transport (Buses & Coaches)


In passenger transport activities, the level of strain supported by buses and coaches’ fleets requires efficient and responsive maintenance. Vehicles must be available and reliable during service hours to ensure the highest level of service and safety for travelers.

Due to the driving style, the state of the roads, works, traffic jams, troublesome parking and traffic incidents, many critical elements (engine, gearbox, axle, axles, braking, pneumatic circuits…) are subject to stress and.or events that could damage them and have a direct impact on the reliability and quality of the service to users. An incident on a vehicle causing a service outage, event of very short duration, has important consequences on the operation of the network and the level of service.

Monitoring the reality of the opening and driving conditions of vehicles is a key success factor. It enables on the one hand, to understand how and under what conditions they are actually used to anticipate the maintenance of the critical elements as soon as possible, but also to act on the level of service by reducing avoidable outage; and finally, to characterize abnormal events impacting safety.

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Overcome all IIoT barriers in harsh environments

With its smart data solutions, SEQUANTA brings IIoT to the next level!


SEQUANTA low-power and wireless smart sata solutions provide crucial information on the health and conditions of use of buses and coaches for greater control of safety and the proper functioning of the operations. They also inform the real-time management of critical events for greater control over safety (e.g. repeated emergency braking situations).

The analysis of this information is a strong lever for improving the quality and performance of the service.

Real-time abnormalities detection

Detect, characterize and geolocate extraordinary events on vehicles and sensitive organs:

  • Process the data in situ to operate local control/command equipment.
  • Feed the information system and operating and maintenance processes in Smart Data.
  • Manage the periodic transmission of Smart Data to the cloud via a telecom/IoT network


  • Characterize and locate the damages, incidents and abnormalities (stopping time, speed, emergency braking…).
  • Trigger corrective actions at the right time and in the right place.
  • Increase operational agility and act effectively on the operation.

Monitoring of driving conditions and comfort

  • Detect, characterize and geolocate the data as close as possible to the critical elements to monitor the parameters (vibrations, shots, accelerations, pitch, roll, etc.) necessary to characterize the real conditions of transport.
  • Power Smart Data monitoring operation (speed, acceleration, use of brakes, engine speed, idle time…).


  • Build a precise knowledge of the driving styles of vehicles.
  • Obtain an exact vision of the type of land covered; and traffic conditions.
  • Objectify the comfort of journeys.
  • Complete programming models of preventive maintenance actions.
  • Guide the improvement of travel times and service comfort.


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