SEQUANTA offer includes both an advanced software embedded on the gateway and a cloud platform compatible with all types of web browsers. They integrate the operating system and the wireless network stack and they provide powerful features for administration and monitoring, data retrieving, data storage and display.


  • Centralized and continuous monitoring of the acquisition system
  • Remote maintenance operations and diagnostic
  • Monitoring of multi-hop acquisition architectures
  • Network topology management/visualization
  • Manage Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware update of SEQUANTA acquisition nodes, embedded sensors, actuators and routers
  • Monitoring of remaining available energy in SEQUANTA acquisition nodes and embedded sensors
  • Monitoring of the availability of radio links
  • RSSI and service quality monitoring
  • Data storage in the secure embedded database
  • Historical and statistics data
  • Provisioning of collected data via XML API

  • Web access from any connected device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Login and password protected access
  • 24/7 availability
  • Management of small or large-scale systems
  • Management of mono-gateway or multi-gateways systems
  • Scalable storage for your data
  • Time series display engine
  • Data export functions (image file, pdf, CSV)
  • Global monitoring for multi-sites and multi-gateways acquisition systems
  • Easy to use and intuitive web interface
  • REST-XML API available for integration with third party systems