CAMELEON is a modular platform providing the foundation of a wireless low power node / sensor,  including a hardware reference design with a library of advanced embedded software that can be tailored to specific needs. Based on that hardware and software platform and on its expertise, the SEQUANTA methodology provides the framework for a proven co-design approach to develop revolutionary wireless and low power nodes that will fit to your specific requirements.

With CAMELEON accelerate the time-to market of your tailor-made wireless node to capture and correlate critical data.

A ready-to-use hardware reference design

Based on the latest generation of electronic components and systems, with open interfaces (usb, serial,… ), with a battery life cycle of several years (ultra low-power components and technologies), with tailored processing capabilities (32bits mircocontroller) and with an optimized acquisition chain (ADC).

An advanced library of embedded software

Signal processing at the closest of the measurement point based on the advance library of algorithms that integrate the low power consumption logic of the system: FFT, inverse FFT, A-GPS/ D-GPS treatment, autocorrelation, median filter, low-pass / high-pass filter, detection on threshold, envelope spectrum…
At the core of the CAMELEON value proposition
  • to assist during the co-conception by using a proven framework and platform,
  • to adapt the platform to a specific requirement or a particular context,
  • to answer business requirements in a record time-to market!