Signal One

The box that changes the game

Monitoring mobile equipment and assets implies taking into account many operational constraints such as the unavailability of a nearby power supply, the difficulty to access targeted measurement points. It is also a matter of being able to quickly trigger actions on local equipment and controllers (camera, telecom modem …) according to the results of the data processing or when defined thresholds are exceeded.

The required critical data or smart data must be available immediately in order to trigger automated actions in a fast actuation/action chain and to deliver smart monitoring with a fast response time.

Smart data

In the field SEQUANTA Signal One transforms data into smart data!

SEQUANTA Signal One has been designed for the IIoT to take all its meaning in complex and demanding environments. In the field, closer to objects, SEQUANTA Signal One transforms data into smart data, to extract the value in real time.

Advanced features:

  • Acquisition from embedded MEMS sensors, local processing and localization.
  • Acquisition from remote wireless sensors, local processing and localization.
  • Consolidation of localized events.
  • Connection and control of local equipment on events or position (eg geofencing).
  • Intermittent connectivity management.
  • Powered system, autonomous (solar panels) or long battery life (on-board batteries).
  • Communication with the SEQUANTA Core platform.

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Signal One
The box that changes the game

SEQUANTA Signal One Appliance processes in situ measurements from its internal sensors and other connected sensors. 

The most critical data for the field is immediately transmitted to local equipment to trigger the required actions, and at the same time all data is transmitted to SEQUANTA Core for further analysis.

Combined with the SEQUANTA Core platform and integrated into a customized solution thanks to the expertise of the SEQUANTA teams, SEQUANTA Signal One is the cornerstone of a complete offering for maximizing the use and optimizing the maintenance of mobile assets.

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