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The development of the IIoT leads to the deployment of an exponential quantity of connected objects and equipment generating a huge volume of data. Yet, among this mass of data, those that generate crucial information must be easily identified, to trigger quick actions on the field and enable informed decision-making.

Edge Computing is precisely the adapted architecture layer : computing is realized in the sensor or the gateway at the periphery as close as possible to the measurement point, it gets rid of going back and forth to the cloud to deliver the value in real time and requires less energy.

Many industrial contexts impose harsh conditions, especially when it comes to mobile equipment and assets (rolling stock, machines & mobile machinery, vehicles…). They require real-time data for responsiveness in the field but often do not offer easy access to power supply.

This is where SEQUANTA smart data solutions with wireless, ultra-low power consumption and low latency capabilities take on their full value!

Our proposal

Agility & efficiency

SEQUANTA smart data solutions are best suited to change the game. They increase the agility of operations and maintenance in harsh environments to:

  • Build knowledge and enable operational agility,
  • Characterize the data and trigger actions (Smart monitoring, smart actuation),
  • Deploy on existing assets with easy retrofitting,
  • Offer on field low power processing.

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Overcome all IIoT barriers in harsh environments

With its Low Power Edge Computing solutions, SEQUANTA brings IIoT to the next level!

Low Power Edge Computing

SEQUANTA Signal One appliance processes, in situ, measurements from its internal sensors and other connected sensors. 

The most critical data for the field is immediately transmitted to local equipment to trigger the required actions, and at the same time all data is transmitted to SEQUANTA Core for further analysis. Data processing and exchange is organized so that the time required to obtain crucial information is minimized as well as the data flow on the network infrastructure. This organization relies on an adapted communication network and an analysis and data visualization platform designed to fully exploit the power of the IIoT.


Mobile assets, disruptives smart data solutions

Discover how SEQUANTA Low Power Smart Data solutions help optimizing mobile assets and equipment management and operation.

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Demanding applications, disruptive solutions

For the most demanding requirements of the railway, transport, construction & quarrying, defense and civil security sectors …

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