SEQUANTA brings IIoT to the next level by responding to complex scenarios, requiring the greatest possible energy autonomy and the lowest possible response time for precise smart monitoring and/or smart actuation.

  • Monitoring of the vehicule-infrastructure interface and/or critical systems health and usage (vibration levels, shock detection…) of cable and rail transport for a smooth and safe run of operations.
  • Characterization of driving conditions (roll, pitch, vibration, position, ground grade…) on military & civil security vehicles while in operation, for efficient fleet management.
  • Processing of key indicators (vibration, shocks…) regarding vehicles operating on ultra-demanding fields such as construction sites, mines and quarries or logistics platforms for an optimal condition based maintenance.
  • Conditional control of equipment or devices (video cams, computing units, controllers…) in harsh industrial environments, remote or demanding outdoor locations or theaters of operations for the safety and efficiency of operations.

Thanks to SEQUANTA offer, our clients develop and deploy data acquisition systems to collect unique live data for tracking and conditions monitoring applications. Find out about their testimonies and cade studies…