Co-developing wireless sensors to accelerate your time to market

Because standard wireless sensor products available on the market do not always meet the requirements of our customers and the constraints of deployment contexts, custom development of wireless sensors is sometimes the best solution to meet specific needs and singular business issues.
We offer an on-demand service of wireless sensor codesign. We develop and produce hardware and software technology bricks or finished products for wireless sensors tailored to specific needs. Through proven processes, SEQUANTA supports its industrial customers in the design of an effective and viable solution to achieve their goals very quickly and with a personalized approach.

Based on a design thinking methodology applied at all stages of the project development and a complete transparency in the co-development process, SEQUANTA offer structures the development and innovation project to ensure scrupulous compliance with the development steps and deadlines of the most suitable product for your needs.


SEQUANTA co-design offer is based on the advanced expertise of SEQUANTA teams in the fields of electronics, radio communication technologies, embedded software and web interfaces, and also relies on the experience gained through years in developing data acquisition systems for the sectors of of industry, infrastructure, railways, transportation and four-dimensional tracking of events.

Unified hardware & software platform

True integrated hardware and software chain, SEQUANTA platform is a powerful tool for the rapid development of wireless sensors for the collection of complex data, integrating advanced processing processes.

From the radio protocol layer to the embedded software and hardware components, this range of tools offers the opportunity to meet your wireless sensors development needs in record time with a perfect control of costs.

Integral part of your project team, SEQUANTA teams are able to lead the co-design, industrialization and qualification phases of the pre-series. We also support you to obtain specific and necessary certifications.

Collaborative Design

Dealing with the increasing complexity ofwireless sensor development, the constraints of cost, delay and quality, cooperation in the design phase is the key factor of success. Whether it’s an adaptation to an existing hardware component or the integration of a new technology, or the development of a sensor from a blank page, our collaborative co-design process guarantees the full adequacy of the sensor developed to the specific needs of our customers.

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