To capture athlete’s performance in live

For the Paris Marathon 2012, Euromedia, Europe’s leading provider of TV & film facilities, was looking for an acquisition system able to capture live data to enrich the video broadcasting program with performance indicators of the runner Laurent Jalabert.

The objective was to display on the live video performance indicators like the stride frequency, number of pace, location based information…

The former cycling competitor Laurent JALABERT ran the 42 km of the Paris Marathon with a wireless, mobile and multi-points data acquisition system including:

  • 2 FOX acquisition nodes with a 3D inertial measurement unit (3D accelerometer, 3D gyro, 3D magnetometer) and temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors. The nodes were placed on the ankles and connected through a daughter board with a FSR sole inside the shoe,
  • 1 FOX acquisition node with a GPS daughter board located at the bottom of the back.

Performance indicators are calculated directly on the acquisition nodes through advanced embedded processing algorithms.

Then the indicators are collected via the wireless and mobile SEQUANTA acquisition network working in the ISM 2,4 GHz bandwidth and installed on a motorbike that follow the runner. All the information are transmitted to the control room through a satellite broadband communication link.


Thanks to the SEQUANTA wireless and multi-points data acquisition system, EUROMEDIA achieved to capture real-time data on the athlete performance during a real competition event:

  • Real-time, mobile and wireless data acquisition system,
  • Quick and easy installation with no discomfort for the athlete,
  • Ultra low power system with full autonomy for the whole duration of the event,
  • Multi-sensor data fusion: 3D inertial measurement unit (accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer), temperature and atmospheric pressure, GPS,
  • Embedded signal processing based on advanced algorithms like FFT analysis.