To build a research equipment at the 1:1 scale

To support its research activities on studying and developing new services for disabled and elderly people, INRIA (the leading French research institute on ICT) is looking for the deployment of an intelligent apartment platform equipped with an intelligent floor.

The slabs on the floor have to react to movements or falling objects and people but also interact with robots moving on the floor.

Research Director

We selected SEQUANTA because our requirements were to rely on a turnkey and reliable system operational 24/. SEQUANTA has been able to exceed our expectations with a very innovative solution by succeeding to implement a network of 500 sensors embedded in the slabs.

This is a unique concept at this stage. Since this implementation is a success, we are currently thinking about a new generation of smart slabs which could be commercialized on a larger scale.


Wireless acquisition systems to power smart slabs

The floor structure of the intelligent apartment is equiped with 104 flagstones instrumented with sensors, LEDs and a smart acquisition node. Made of raw wood the flagstones have a size of 600x600mm each.

The acquisition nodes provided by SEQUANTA are based on the SEQUANTA WOLF node architecture and include:

  • strain gauges to detect the presence of items on the floor (objects, humans, robots) depending on their weight,
  • a MEMS accelerometer to detect the fall of objects or people.

The main function of the LEDs is to allow a visual interaction with people walking on the floor. The main functions of the acquisition node are:

  • to compute real-time data coming from sensors,
  • to control LEDs,
  • to maintain communications between neighboring flagstones,
  • to power wireless communication with robots that are moving on the floor.

From feasibility to reality

Based on its unique technology of wireless data acquisition systems and its operational experience, SEQUANTA delivers to INRIA a personalized and fully integrated solution: system engineering, nodes production and management, project management, installation services and maintenance and support services.

With SEQUANTA, INRIA do experiment today in real size the reality of future services for elderly and disable people.