To gather reliable information in real conditions of practice

Salomon is currently one of the leading trail running equipment manufacturer and has within the company an elite athletes team. Salomon collaborates with these athletes and its team of engineers to develop suitable equipment for trail running and to create the most innovative products on the market.

In order to gather data on the levels of impacts that the body of athletes is enduring during exercise and to analyze their running technique, Salomon required inertial measurement units with the following features: to be worn on the field under extreme conditions of trail running activities, to collect synchronized data from multiple units.

It is very difficult to reproduce these conditions in a laboratory. Therefore Salomon decided to go with SEQUANTA wireless acquisition systems. Robust and miniaturized, the system resists to all conditions in the real fields of practice.
R&D biomechanical lab manager

We are constantly looking for embedded data collection equipment that few companies are able to provide. Therefore, we chose SEQUANTA solutions for their advanced features in embedded systems and signal processing.

With this system, we equipped the world champion Kilian Jornet in order to gather data on the level of impacts supported by his body and on his running technique. Thanks to SEQUANTA we have been able to develop a more suitable trail running equipment.


Synchronized network of wireless inertial measurement units

  • 7 FOX inertial measurement units placed on the whole person
  • Each FOX nodes includes a 9° of freedom inertial measurement unit:
    – 3D accelerometer
    – 3D gyrometer
    – 3D magnetometer
  • 1 synchronization gateway
  • 1 break-out card for synchronization with third party equipment (EMG type device…)
  • GOOSE software for data fusion attitude and heading processing

To accelerate the R&D cycle to provide better equipment

  • Reliable, miniaturized and robust equipment adapted to be worn by an elite athlete
  • Synchronized field data, acquisition in real conditions of practice (trails, forests, mountains…)
  • New knowledge on various type of running techniques in real mountain fields, including ascents and descents to adapt Salomon’s equipment & products to athletes running techniques