To collect information on the structure life cycle

For over 15 years, Sixense has acquired a solid expertise in civil infrastructures monitoring and assets management. During their life cycle, civil engineering structures and construction works are aging, deforming, deteriorating and their mechanical capacities are evolving.

A sharp knowledge of the mechanical parameters evolution and the monitoring of physical data are key elements to define and execute predictive maintenance strategies as well as to manage the structure life cycle with balance and to ensure the required safety and security for the users of the civil engineering structure.

Sixense has therefore selected the SEQUANTA wireless data acquisition system to expand its turnkey services for structural health monitoring on the Parc des Princes roof structure.

Technical Director

The SEQUANTA system allowed us to connect various types of sensors required to ensure the monitoring of the Parc des Princes stadium roof structure. Easier to install than a wired system, the choice of SEQUANTA solution turned out to be extremely beneficial. SEQUANTA perfectly met our needs, the quality of their technical support services has been very effective.

SEQUANTA enabled us to provide a reliable and efficient turnkey service. This successful collaboration encourages us to develop new projects together.


A wireless, autonomous & multipoints data acquisition system

  • +30 WOLF acquisition nodes:
    • equipped with cracks and displacement sensors
    • or equipped with displacement sensors and temperature sensors
  • 8 LION routers to cover the roof area
  • 1 GATEWAY access point to interconnect with an IP network
  • All equipment (WOLF and LION) are fully autonomous with a battery and an integrated solar panel
  • NETPULSE software to administrate the network of acquisition nodes and routers and to continuously monitor the level of service of the system
  • REST-XML API to integrate the wireless acquisition system with the Sixense EverSense application

Robust, quick and easy to deploy

  • A quick and easy to deploy system compared to traditional wired systems considering the characteristics of the site
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership of the acquisition system: no wiring for installation, energetic autonomy of the system, administration and remote supervision without intervention on the field
  • Extremely high level of service of the wireless acquisition network ensuring a 24/7 continuous monitoring without loss of data.