Connected concrete to revolutionize Smart Cities

It is at the occasion of the second session of BNP Paribas’ Innov and Connect program allowing unpublished co-experiments that SEQUANTA and VICAT expertise’s have found an area of convergence. The idea of VICAT is to capitalize on the «concrete» materials and their structural uses in the construction of structures and buildings to meet the needs of connectivity in Smart City: energy capture, electric recharge, BIM…

In order to validate its ideas and concept around smart and connected concrete, the cement manufacturer has selected SEQUANTA for its proven expertise in data acquisition. For six months, both companies have experimented the integration of wireless sensors in concretes of various composition (more or less dense, open, fibered or not).

Ludovic Casabiel
Director- Public Works Markets and Technical Products in bulk

 « Working in collaboration with SEQUANTA, we were able to better understand the technical issues involved in installing sensors in concrete and to better identify the applications that -functionalized concrete – can address. » 

« Thanks to SEQUANTA contribution, we confirmed that the wireless sensor technology will be an integral part of the concrete to turn it to powerful system capturing and transmitting data to boost the SmartCity services. »


Concrete becomes an interactive material

SEQUANTA service offering is based on a hardware and software platform and proven technologies in fields as demanding as shock detection, metrology and traffic control.

The experimentation, based on SEQUANTA technologies and expertise consisted of studying the impact of VICAT various concretes on the detection performance as well as on the sensor data transmission and reception in these singular materials.

The tests did validate that it is possible to integrate SEQUANTA sensors to make of concrete material a high-performance, reliable and durable data collection and transmission system.

VICAT is now able to understand how it is possible to combine different materials and different types of sensors to make of «the connected concrete» a powerful interactive material.


Accelerating the R&D cycle

  • Use sensors with proven performance in demanding applications.
  • Test the impact of different concrete on the performance of the sensors.
  • Acquire a better vision and understanding of the technical issues involved in installing sensors in concrete.
  • Consider the different applications that can be addressed to meet the challenges of Smart Cities.